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DOM: Dominic Monaghan + GASM: orgasm = DOMgasm

WHAT IS domgasmDOMgasm?
DOMgasm is a community strictly for the racey/sexual/lusty hearted fan of Dominic Monaghan. How does one know to tell? Ever caught yourself starring just a little too long at his hands, or perhaps that difinitive, cocky curl of his lip and thought, well... that you'd really just rather be sucking on those fingers then simply looking? Yes? Good! DOMgasm is a community for the mature fan.

In short -- a community for adult-minded Dom squee. Period. If you cannot handle the cock squee, don't join. :D

    The cock RULES:
  • Please, no introductory posts -- we love you, but no one needs the flist spam.

  • Keep posts to a quality standard; we want to see content, not spam, please! :)

  • All pics, fics, graphics, quotes, links, etc are more than welcomed.

  • NO community/site pimping!

  • All pics exceeding the maximum width of 350 pixels should be lj-cut. Icons: no more than 3 icons visible, the rest under a cut!

  • All fiction must include slash, be of a strictly adult nature (nothing under the rating of R) and be under an lj-cut.

  • All graphics, fiction and art must be posted on the comm! No hiding your links!

  • This community is closed to minors under the age of 18. If you are discovered to be under the age of 18 you will be, regretably, unsubscribed. Repeat underage subscribers will be banned. :(

The Fanlisting: